One platform to keep your
transactions fresh.


COSMOZ uses real-time algorithms to control your digital values against the real world.
No human activity needed when COSMOZ handling transactions in your financial flow.

See how COSMOZ works

From Need to Payments

COSMOZ provides true automation of the
complicated processes that derives from all your
purchases. Manual handling of contracts, prices, RFPs, quotes, orders, deliveries, stock, invoices, inventories, matching, campaigns, accounting, payments and much more, are unnecessary work.

Automate your financial flow without
human activity.

Let COSMOZ do the work

Any system can handle perfect data, but to truly
drive efficiency in today’s high-volume not-so-perfect transaction flows is a totally different story.

COSMOZ will do the work for you and handle errors and deviations automatically.

COSMOZ Automation gives you money back

COSMOZ lets you monetize on your suppliers deviations.

There is even more

  • Super Fast Implementation
  • Fantastic Customer Support
  • World-Class Safety
  • Cloud Service
  • Fully Mobile Service
  • Access Anywhere

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