Let COSMOZ do all the work

Handle errors and
deviations automatically

Match Transactions
Totally Automatically

Keep track of your transactions, and optimize
distribution and performance by automatically
matching different values against each other.
Agreed price with invoiced price, agreed quantity
with delivered quantity and many more. One to one, one to many and many to one.

Zero Tolerance

Incoming transactions are controlled and compared
with generic algorithms for predefined parameters, prices, VAT, units etc.

Upon detecting deviations, COSMOZ reacts
automatically and handles all detected
errors/deviations with appropriate set of rules
and actions.

AutoX –

Experience the automation, the beauty of COSMOZ real-time algorithms, and the peace of mind that comes thereafter. Free your mind from bothering about manual work overload. Think instead about never having to worry about what’s happening (or not happening), think about the relief of having 100% control.

Evolve from manual maniac to a peacefully automagic state.

Full Automation gives you money back

COSMOZ monetize your suppliers deviations.

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