COSMOZ Automation
gives you money back

COSMOZ monetize your
suppliers deviations.

Cash Back from
Your Suppliers

COSMOZ automates the processing of overbilled items and any other type of deviation from your agreements. This is done without you having
to spend countless hours on gathering, calculating and processing information for a single deviation.

Stop leaking valuable time and money.

Superior Control

COSMOZ gives you easy access to detailed analytics and specific data that matter. Payments, warnings, errors, processes. See how you’re doing and drill down deeper through real time reports for greater insight.

Endless Flexibility

COSMOZ is a true multitenant SaaS, which essentially means that it’s completely adaptable to any specific needs and goals your company might have.

Managing COSMOZ from your mobile, tablet or desktop is easy. No matter where you are.

Would you like a real person to walk you through a demo? We’d be happy to help.