From Need
To Payments.

Automate your Purchase to Pay

Automated Receiving

COSMOZ automatically converts your transactional
data into fast and automatic flows. Unlike the
majority of financial systems of today, COSMOZ
satisfies the need for speed and precision – both
mandatory in the competitive market of today.

Risk Management –
Let All Errors Bounce

Automatically control and check your transactions in real-time and only let in error free content to avoid unnecessary damage and manual work overload. Errors hidden in formalities, prices, credit notes, invoice reminders, fake invoices and more will be discovered and automatically bounced back to the suppliers by COSMOZ.

Helping Suppliers

By bouncing errors automatically back to the suppliers, with detailed specifications, you are simultaneously inviting them to a deeper, more meaningful collaboration.

Your suppliers’ work will get by more easily and thereby increasing the quality of your mutual business.

Let COSMOZ do the work.

Any system can easily handle perfect data, but to truly drive efficiency in today’s
high-volume not-so-perfect transaction flows is a totally different story.

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