Automate Your
Financial Flow Get superior control of your business with COSMOZ

Start by treating your transactions
as tomatoes, keep them fresh.

Today's order and payment processes are based on systems built on technology of the past and millennial billing principles. These old ideas and systems constantly cause new errors – every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Errors hidden deep inside your transactions, exchange errors between systems, invoice errors, incorrect prices, incorrect deliveries, VAT errors, human errors, and much more.

COSMOZ is a modern B2B eCommerce cloud built for treating transactions automatically with algorithms and in real-time. By keeping transactions fresh like this, you will keep your whole financial flow error free and you will get superior control of your business.

  • "No other solution apart from Neovici
    could deliver this kind of performance"
    • 1M Transactions
    • +30% Cash Flow
    • 100% Efficiency Increase
  • "The automation level offered by Neovici we did not believe at first,
    it simply sounded too good to be true"
    • 2MTransactions
    • +35% Cash Flow
    • 500% Efficiency Increase
  • "Neovici has a great understanding
    of our business needs"
    • 5M Transaction
    • +25% Cash Flow
    • 995% Efficiency Increase